1. Fuzhou Javen Kindergarten is a high quality private kindergarten, offering bilingual education in early years. Its expertise and high quality in teaching English speaking and listening in early childhood have won its leading position and great popularity in the city of Fuzhou in the sector of early childhood education, especially in terms of bilingual education.
    2. Ms. Chen Yinghuais the Principal General of Fuzhou Javen Kindergarten, who graduated from Fuzhou kindergarten teacher¨s college in 1986 and from the specialisation of pre-school education in Fujian Normal University in 1992. She has been the principal of many kindergartens in Fuzhou and Beijing and is a well-known expert of teaching and management in the sector of early childhood education in China.
    3.Fuzhou Javen Kindergarten includes seven campuses:
    a) the MSRI campus located at No.155 Yangqiao Road West;
    b) the Centenary Garden campus located at No.157 Yangqiao Road West;
    c) the River Holiday campus located at No.216 Shangdu Road;
    d) the Xuhui Left Coast campus located at No.81 Mingjiang Road;
    e) the Golf campus located at the intersection of Nanping East Road and Xiafan Road;
    f) the Shangjiang Campus located at No.136 Nanjiangbin Road.
    g) the Shuimu jinghua Campus located at No.28 Ruanjian Road.
    4. Javen kindergarten is proud of its teachers who are well trained professionals and are guided by the up-to-date educational theories and its small class-size to offer children greater than usual attention from the classroom teacher.
    5.Our guiding educational theories include:
    a) Howard Gardner¨s theory of multiple-intelligences;
    b) The method of Language immersion for second language education;
    c) Theory of self-esteem;
    d) Theory of the zone of proximal development and scaffolding;
    e) Constructive emotional development;
     f) Theories on developing thinking skills.
    6. English teaching
    Teaching English in early years is the outstanding feature of Fuzhou Javen Kindergarten. We create an environment in which English is used for meaning making, with the 21st century world class physical, and digital audio-visual teaching support. Children spend a half day in learning Chinese - their mother tongue and the other half day in English as a foreign language. When children graduate from our kindergarten, they are usually able to talk with others about their daily activities not only in Chinese but also in English.   
    7. Mission
   Our mission is to give every child every opportunity to fully develop his/her potentials and to offer him/her every opportunity of success in early childhood schooling.
    8. Directions of development
    a) To develop children's individual abilities and help them develop in an all-round manner;
    b) To help children learning Chinese and English in a bilingual immersion language classroom;
    c) To engage children in healthy mental, emotional and social development;
    d) To help children develop their interest in the arts and improve their artistic, creative and appreciative abilities.